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leaving NG :)

2010-04-14 17:50:57 by Fredgy

i've said it some times before, but i'm going to leave NG
i've had enough with it, all the zerobombers, bad system etc.
you'll be able to look me up on other sites like :
I think this is everything atm, but I could register on other sites yet too ;)
the songs will stay on here, but i won't get on NG anymore

see ya


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2010-04-14 17:54:28



2010-04-14 18:01:35

oh no

today we have lost a great thinker


2010-04-14 18:01:45

i was being ironic


2010-04-14 18:01:52



2010-04-14 18:28:50

Look folks, a faggot too ashamed to comment on her main account.

(Updated ) Fredgy responds:

you ever thought about that my time was around 3 am at that time ?


2010-04-14 18:33:30

I said I'd leave too, but I haven't. I've only posted music that I've made that's in the early stages of development, but you know, I'm thinking of maybe leaving completely.

Fredgy responds:

hmm ;) you need to see what you want ;)


2010-04-14 18:39:39

I hate 0-bombers too, but leaving and giving up will only give them what they want... if you stay and fight back they will find no use, and jsut stop zero-bombing. :)

Fredgy responds:

in what way you can fight back? if they ask to change the system to a better system, they just don't answer or say no, they don't want to make it better :)


2010-04-14 19:13:17

I 5'ed it.

Fredgy responds:

ty ;)


2010-04-14 19:47:56

It's not about the scores and ratings it's about improving your skills in the art of your choice, and sharing your stuff with the community.

Fredgy responds:

i know
but if they stay zerobombing it, you'll never get the chance to show your songs, okay, i must not say i was never in attention because almost all my songs are 2000 views + , but they keep bombing my songs every day ;)


2010-04-14 19:55:36

Darn, okay, see you.

Fredgy responds:

you an see me on other sites yet :)


2010-04-14 21:13:50

Ill miss you for a good 5 seconds :)

Fredgy responds:

i won't miss you ?


2010-04-14 21:27:00

Who are you anyway?

Fredgy responds:

who are you ?
does it matter to me? no


2010-04-15 03:49:11

You are even lower level than me... i don't care XD

Fredgy responds:

i don't think level does matter, i was lvl'ing up at start of being on here, but i stopped with it, so, what ever ? i think, it's the music that counts, not the lvl


2010-04-16 10:07:18

I was referring to peols001, my bad, I'm sorry, and very apologetic.

Fredgy responds:

oh ok, no problem ;) see ya


2010-05-02 22:18:24


Fredgy responds:

haha ;)
i thought about keeping uploading, but only for a few days, like a temporary file on Ng, so you all got an idea what i'm making yet ;)
i've made a new song yet, -way-to-go
is finished for these days, but i'm going to work on it later again, there you go ;) you can comment there too, download, fav, ...
thanks dude ;)


2010-05-29 03:23:20

See ya