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new song up!

2009-09-09 13:17:13 by Fredgy

Hello Peeps! ;)

new song up from today:
lenght = 4.24
time i've worked on it: 20-25 hours

vote/ review/ fav/ download/ ..

link: Fredgy - Dream Away

also here are some other links:




my msn:

Also check out my friend's profile out if you're looking for some dubstep! ;)

his latest song: /270177

but be sure you got a great headphone or great boxes who can take a really low sub because that is really needed here ;)

enjoy everything, leave comment if you have something to say :)

see ya


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2009-10-05 08:01:46

love it! <333

Fredgy responds:

thanks :p


2009-11-10 07:31:14

Hey Fredgy, it's TheDjTyph from T61. Great music!

Haha, +1 news comment

Fredgy responds:

ok cool ;)


2010-01-08 07:17:08

well just as the usual great songs =D it's hard to found some great audio artists these days >-> but you sir are for sure one =D also can i add you at the msn? =D

Fredgy responds:

haha nice to hear! ;)
of course you can add me :)
that's why i put it on here ;)


2010-01-19 04:59:06

weeeell looky here, another belgian :D

Fredgy responds:

haha zeker! die moete er ook zijn :p


2010-01-21 16:54:47 low is the bass on D&B WIP? My system handles down to 33Hz, SBLive! can manage down to 10, but if it mentions in the program, tell me wouldja? I'm curious now. lol

Fredgy responds:

i don't know where i can see that ?