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New song up!

2009-07-08 18:14:46 by Fredgy

hello there,
got a new song online from today!

it is called Fredgy - Life goes on
the song is something progressive, i'm not sure about what genre it really is but i think something like miscellaneous :-)

lenght: 3 min
took me 2 weeks(not each day like 4 hours or something, but 1 à 2 hours a day and sometimes skipped a day :) ) to make everything like i got now but i started a month ago. But because of the exams i waited a while for studying ^^

check it out ?
Fredgy - Life goes on

=> thanks to a friend of me ( Dj Reign ), i got a nice cover art for my song and for my upcoming songs!
> www.reignee.newgrounds.Com

hope you like it
drop a review/vote/fav/download , all welcome! ;-D

add me on myspace if you want:

or msn:


enjoy it! ;-)

see ya


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2009-07-18 17:24:06

HEY FREDGY I SUBMITTED A SONG I NO IT SUCKS but its the best i cuold do with my recources n/256212

Fredgy responds:



2009-07-18 18:54:55

FREDGY, ur biggest fan requests a favor can u plaz check out my 2 songs (READ DESC) n/256503 n/256212

Fredgy responds:

checked it out, you got my vote also, but you need a lot more for making a song ;) try starting with a easy melody , like long notes, get a kick, snare , hi hat etc in it, with a note on 1 5 9 and 13, that is then the standard beat, snare on the 5th and 13th note and hi hat like every note or like 1 3 5 7 etc a note :p
i'm bad at explaining but i tried to say what you need as standard for the beat :p
try first the easy melody with long notes, so you got a melody going, if that works, start making variation etc ;)
lemme know if you kept that in mind and brought something new on ng ;)
i hope it helped you further